Extruded Element Workflow

A simple process to design, emulate, and incorporate extruded elements

Download OpenSCAD

Downlaod & Install OpenSCAD (from www.openscad.org/downloads.html), open-source CAD software (text based; great for parametric models).

Copy & Paste Library

Copy the Extruded Element Library from the bottom of our Instruction Page ( jump link).  Paste the contents into OpenSCAD and press F6 to render the current element tesselation.  Save the file (“eellc_lib.scad”).

Import an Object (.stl)

Save the *.stl file of your object in the same directory as the Extruded Element Library (*.scad file).  Locate the line in the .scad library “filename=frisbee.stl”, replacing “frisbee” with the object’s file name.

Select Element Settings

Read Element Library comments (to the right of each parameter) and adjust as needed.  Press F6 after each adjustment to render & observe changes.

Tessellate & Translate

Tessellate (tile/array) your elements larger than your imported object (using n_elem & m_elem parameters).  Translate (shift) your object to coincide with the element array (using t_x, t_y, & t_z parameters).

Extrude Elements

Ensure that the extrusion height envelopes (is thicker than) your object.  Do this by adjusting the “height” parameter.

Intersect Elements

Using the “Intersect() {  }” OpenSCAD function, intersect the element array with the object.  In the “Visualize” section of the executed code.

Share & Engage

Share your digital or physical creations on social media including the subreddit r/ExtrudedElement or r/3DPrinting.  Please Don’t Share on Thingiverse (Thank You!).

NOTE: Please do not share your creations on Thingiverse.com that use extruded elements.  Per Thingiverse.com ToS: section 3.2 License of User Content, by sharing on their website, one is granting a royalty-free license to Thingiverse.com and associated Companies (see https://www.makerbot.com/legal/terms/, section 3.2).

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