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Wind Energy

on site assembly of hollow core structures


Tuned Impact Performance with modularity


minimal machining capacity; profile milling

Reinforcing Soil

stabilizing soil using proven soil mattress tech

Applications of Extruded Elements

Stages of Extruded Element Assembly, Shipment, and Production

A Just-in-time Technology

Many minds of today's tech entrepreneurs are focused on the advents of space colonization, fully autonomous vehicles (autonomy level-5), and unparalleled process efficiency. This technology simplifies manufacturing and transport processes of light-weight engineered structural reinforcements. Designs will be implemented by:

Crush Bumper with Crumple Properties

A Designer of Light Weight Impact Barriers

  • Elements are replaced upon irreparable deformation from the source factory or stock shelves.
  • The majority of a barrier can remain installed.
  • Elements are produced in extrusion-line-lengths in factory; shipped, cut and assembled on-site.

A Civil Engineering Firm Developing Poured Surface or Soil Reinforcements

  • The Drop-in assembly of interlocking civil-engineered structures is already implemented in panels (barrier-style)
  • This technology allows reinforcement of the same Drop-in style into sheet or platform style arrangements.

A Space-Mobile Platform Production Facility and Product Exporters

  • The high length-to-profile ratio of extruded element bar-stock lends itself to efficient transport in long vessels.
  • Joining materials are minimized, as this can be a single component structural reinforcement assembly. Face sheets, end-caps, ground-surfaces, or spot-welds can be implemented to lock the assembly or provide a fa├žade for the reinforcement.

Any light-weight structural needs can be accommodated by some form of extruded elements

Unexpected Innovation

  • Through this hub, inventive minds are given the instructions and encouragement to apply this technology in ways that Extruded Elements LLC cannot predict.
  • The MakerSpace of laser-cutting and 3D printing Makers can thrive on the ability to create components larger than their devices.
  • One needs only a PC to begin innovating with extruded elements (Go to Workflow)

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