Risk-Free Technology Assessment

Inquire to the applicability of Extruded Elements for your efficient process needs.  Uncover the benefits of modular technology produced with the efficient conventional manufacturing process of extrusion. 

Obtain a Risk-Free Technology Assessment

Minimal Barrier to Entry

Conventional extrusion is a low cost process that is used to produce many products from metals, plastics or other materials. An Extrusion die with an Engineered Profile is all that is needed to be up and running with Extruded Elements.

Opportunities for Expansion

You make the design decisions.  With added flexibility of modular interlocking elements as a tool in your arsenal, you can innovate with efficient, value-added contributions.    The costs & lead time associated with geometry changes are minimal with a little guidance and the right set of tools.

Engineered Partnership

Let our expertise be your asset.  The support is there for you at any step in the structural core innovation process.  Extruded Element LLC has expertise in material selection, product design, product simulation, and production guidance.  

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