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Our vision

We Serve to Enable Added Value Process Innovation with an Interlocking Element Technology.

Risk-Free Technology Assessment

Consider the technology for free to remain as a globally competitive innovator.  Avoid missing a technology consideration which could potentially save design, manufacturing, and installation (process) cost for your product.  We provide a Risk-Free Cost-Benefit Analysis Report and guide you through the subsequent steps of Evaluation and Implementation

About Us

We are designers, engineers and problem solvers like you.  Please get in touch through social media or our Contact Us page.

Create with our About Software Workflow & Share your creations on Reddit: r/ExtrudedElement.

Engineering Services

Discover a new technological opportunity for your product.  Our team will assess the suitability of Extruded Elements for your application with a Risk-Free Assessment.  Our material, process, and simulation expertise are here to enable you to provide a simple yet innovative cost-saving solution.


You can champion the discovery of a light-weighting process solution to your product line, whether your goal is to make leaps towards emissions goals, globally competitive innovations, or solve a problem in ways only you can think of.  Let us provide a tool for your innovative designs utilizing lightweight modular technology.  


Take advantage of the risk-free innovative process. Test out Extruded Element geometries and envision their place in your light-weighting application.  Try before you invest time into your innovative contribution to your product line.  Use a PC and/or 3D printer to create Extruded Elements to personally test their applicability and features. 

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